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Hear and There

Role: Game Designer

[3 days] 2020

Showcased at Dirty Rectangles 2020


A VR audio hide 'n seek game with your own ears!


Golem by Longbow Games

Role: Level Designer

2016 - 2018

I worked at Longbow Games as the level designer for 2 years to the release of Golem.

Godsend by Patchwork Games

Role: Level Designer

2017 - 2018

Showcased at EGLX 2018, LevelUp 2018, Canadian Gaming Expo 2018

Possess and play as any character. Each has different combat and movement capabilities.

Ice Ball

Role: Game Designer

[5 days] 2016

Winner of Sheridan College 'Sprint Week: Tournament of Champions' game jam

Dodgeball + Ice Ice Water but make it local multiplayer! We designed and tested a physical game then adapted it into a digital one.


Role: Game Designer/Level Designer

[3 days] 2017

Winner of DreamHackJam and showcased at DreamHack Denver, 2017 by GameJolt

A prototype I had created during a livestream for a school project. Developed further with a team in 5 different time zones.

FPS True Love

Role: Game Designer/Level Designer

[2 weeks] 2017

Winner of Sheridan Strike Jam 2018

First person smoocher with Twitch integration.

Forever Spaghetters

Role: Game Designer/UX/Project Lead

[2 days] 2018

A VR date where you must hand feed your sweetie spaghetti.

Pumpkin Soup

Role: Game Designer/Level Designer

[3 days] 2017

Basically Overcooked but with farming.

Assass-Eh-Nation by Patchwork Games

Role: Level Design

[5 days] 2017

Local multiplayer stealth assassination game where up to 100 players can join, using their phone as a controller.

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